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Welcome to Port Antigua. Thank you for thinking about becoming one of our neighbors, whether as a homeowner or a renter. Sellers, thank you for making our community your home while you have lived here. This community is wonderful in countless ways. It is also very beautiful. Peace and tranquility abound, nature never ceases to amaze, and of course, the location is premier.

Most of us are here because we love the sea, the fishing, the crabbing, and the wonderful friends we have made here. Our neighborhood has one of the loveliest beaches in the Florida Keys. With the private boat ramp, the wide canals, and the spaciousness of the lots, we have a special place to cherish.

To keep our neighborhood desirable, we have deed restrictions, and enforced policies on fences, outdoor structures and the appearance of houses and lots. Potential property owners should be familiar with these rules and restrictions which you will agree to with the purchase of property here.

The entire Florida Keys is in a Marine Sanctuary which affords the area special federal environmental protections and with that, regulations. Both residents and visitors need to be mindful of this. And to keep our neighborhood desirable, we have some rules that our members need follow. They  help ensure the most harmonious experience for the collective residents, the ‘neighborhood,’ of Port Antigua.

Buyer, Sellers & Renters Information

Please refer to the accordion tabs below for helpful information about buying, selling and renting property in Port Antigua.


Welcome to Port Antigua. We look forward to getting to know you. The documents here will help guide you as you consider settling in beautiful Port Antigua.


Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions


Building Approvals Needed

Fence Policy

Golf Carts


If you are selling you Port Antigua property, we are sorry to see you leave us, but understand life brings changes. Please review the seller’s checklist below. And be sure to bring the PAPOA Covenants, Restrictions, and Rules to the attention of your buyer. Also, please inform our Manager, Mari Joiner, once you know of your plans.

Sellers Checklist


Port Antigua is located in the lower end of the Upper Keys, close to numerous great restaurants, shops, and most importantly, great fishing spots in the Atlantic Ocean and Florida Bay. We are approximately 2 hours from Miami International Airport, (MIA) and three hours from Fort Lauderdale International Airport, (FLL). We are two hours from Key West International Airport, (EYW).

There are usually properties for rent, (each with a thirty-day minimum) in our neighborhood. If you are offered a property for less than thirty days, be sure the property has a vacation property rental license. And a word of caution: If you do decide to rent in Port Antigua, please be certain you know from whom you are renting. There have been instances of vacationers putting down hefty deposits for a holiday get-away in the Florida Keys, only to find the real owner of the house was out fishing – and the “Lessor” was nowhere to be found – nor was their deposit. Our neighborhood is filled with wonderful folks, but still we remind you to properly vet whomever you may rent from.  See an excerpt from the Florida Consumer Alert for some great tips.

The entire Keys are in a federally protected marine sanctuary, and the residents are mindful of the impact our activities have on the environment. We strive to minimize that impact and to keep it clean. We expect people who rent property here to respect our environment as much as we do, and to follow the rules that Port Antigua Property Owners’ Association has adopted.

What You Need To Know

The person from whom you rented should have provided you with a beach/boat ramp access card.  One card operates both gates. Please be careful with this card because replacements are expensive. If they did not give you a card, but you were promised access to the beach, please contact them.

  • “Quiet hours” are between 11pm and 7am each day.  Our residents will call the Sheriff to enforce this courtesy.
  • Above ground pools are not allowed in Port Antigua.
  • Watercraft using Port Antigua canals must operate at idle speed at all times with no wake, and this includes the first 100 yards at the main entrance.  It applies to all vessels, including PWC’s.
  • We swim in our canals and the quality of the water is important. No fish, lobster carcasses, landscaping debris or other forms of trash shall be discarded in the canals. Fish and lobster carcasses also attract predators like sharks and salt water crocodiles which could be harmful for our swimmers.
  • Overnight parking or storage of any vehicle or boat trailer is prohibited on any vacant lot.
  • To avoid receiving a citation from a Deputy Sheriff, all golf cart drivers must be 16 years old and have on their person a valid driver’s license.
  • The pick up schedule for garbage is Tuesday and Friday and for recycle and yard waste, Friday.  Containers must be placed at the roadside no earlier than the day before pick-up and must be removed from the street by 8pm on the day of pick-up.  Each lot has no less than three garbage cans and the garbage and recycle cans are clearly marked.  Do not put trash in the wrong cans as they will NOT be picked up.  Also, no plastic bags of refuse left curbside will be picked up.

Please help us keep our community the special place it is. We hope you enjoy you vacation!

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Rules of the Association