About Port Antigua P.O.A.

History of the PAPOA


The Port Antigua Property Owners’ Association, (PAPOA) was founded in 1969 to represent the interests of the property owners of a newly formed subdivision on Lower Matecumbe Key at Mile Marker 74.5. The membership includes owners of mainly single family houses, a few duplexes, and Sandy Pointe Condominium Association. Our Governing Documents and the Rules we have established are available below.

Port Antigua

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Board of Directors

Port Antigua Property Owners’ Association is governed by an elected Board of Directors consisting of nine people who may or may not be property owners in Port Antigua. Board Members serve for a period of three years after which they may choose to stand for re-election. Each year, these nine people elect a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer to manage the day to day operation of the Association. In addition, the Association has a part time Community Association Manager.

Members of the Board


Oscar Callejas, President; President@PortAntigua.net
Otto Ortega, Vice President; VP@PortAntigua.net 
Caren Brinson, Secretary; Secretary@PortAntigua.net
Esther Merida, Treasurer; Treasurer@PortAntigua.net


Ray Bana; ACC@PortAntigua.net
Rod Fletcher;  Rod@PortAntigua.net
Rita Klopf; Finance@PortAntigua.net
Martin Pico; Martin@PortAntigua.net
Dave Webb; Water@PortAntigua.net

CAM & Communications

Mari Joiner, CAM; Info@PortAntigua.net

Note about using emails:

Our Board Members are all volunteers and some are better than others about checking their PAPOA emails.  Please be sure to send an info copy to Mari (Info@PortAntigua.net) of any email you are sending to a Board Member or Committee Chair.

Committees & Chairs

Architectural Control:  Ray Bana (Chair); Acc@PortAntigua.net
Bert Codispoti: Bert@portantigua.net
Financial Review: Rita Klopf; Finance@PortAntigua.net
Legal: Martin Pico; Legal@PortAntigua.net
Maintenance: Leo Cornide; Maintenance@PortAntigua.net
Nominations: Esther Merida; Nominations@PortAntigua.net
Communications/Publicity:  News@PortAntigua.net
Recreation: Esther Merida; Recreation@portantigua.net
Security: Oscar Callejas; Security@portantigua.net
Water Quality: Dave Webb; Water@portantigua.net
Newsletter: Newsletter@PortAntigua.net


Building &

Architectural Control


One of  Port Antigua Property Owners’ Association‘s purposes is to maintain and enhance the property values of the neighborhood. To that end, the Architectural Control Committee’s role is to watch for any proposals, programs or activates which may adversely affect those values. The Committee has developed guidelines for owners, architects and builders to follow. Where possible, PAPOA follows the Codes set by the Village of Islamorada, but there do remain some more restrictive differences due to the uniqueness of our community.

The “Approvals Required” document attached is INCOMPLETE.  The fence policy was updated in March and the BOD has not authorized the inclusion of the new fence policy in this document.  The Fence Policy can be found on the Property Owner’s page.  You can also access the policy by clicking here.  I apologize for any inconvenience.  


 We want to you to be able to readily find the information you seek, about PAPOA, on our website. Please use our FAQ’s to quickly find answers to common PAPOA questions.

Contacts & Communications

How do I contact the Association?

For general inquiries, email us, call 305-664-8229 or write P.O. Box 1049, Islamorada, FL 33036.  Email is our preferred contact – and if you would like to receive notices of meetings, agendas, and other “Official Documents” by way of email, please complete the email permission form and return it to P.O. Box 1049 in Islamorada.



Where is contact information for the Village, County, State, or Utilities?

Check the bottom of the Home Page for links. The Florida Keys Electric Coop, 305-852-2431, and Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority, 305-296-2454, provide utilities. Cable and Internet are provided by several carriers.


How do I get Association Notices by Email?

If you provide us with an email address, we will send you courtesy copies of the meeting agendas and other notices as they are published.  We will also send you an occasional email with information the Board feels important that you should have.


When and where are the BOD meetings held?

See the Home Page of the website for the date, time and location of the next meetings. The calendar also lists them. The meetings are held every third Monday of the month, even if it falls on a holiday. Notices and Agendas are emailed to owners who have given us their address. Agendas are also posted on the website and at the Beach entrance. Everyone is welcome to attend.


When is the Annual Meeting of the Association held?

The membership meets in April of each year.


FAQ Section 1

General Information

What are PAPOA's Current Fees?

See the Fee Schedule

My Boat Ramp or Beach Access Key doesn’t work. What do I do?

If other member’s cards are working and yours is not, individual ramp keys can be turned off and on by the Association. So, the first question is: Have you paid any outstanding fees, or have you been notified that it was turned off for any reason? Members whose accounts are delinquent may have their cards deactivated in accordance with our Covenants. In any event, contact the Association info@portantigua.net or call 305-664-8229 and leave a message.


How can I get a new or replacement Ramp or Beach Access card?

Mail the Card Replacement Form to our Manager: Mari Joiner. Be sure you include the appropriate replacement fee.  If you have any questions, send an email to info@portantigua.net or call 305-664-8229.


I have a golf cart. Can I use it in Port Antigua?

Yes!  Port Antigua has been designated by the Village of Islamorada as a Golf Cart community, and the carts may be used on its streets.  Operators must have a valid driver’s license. Carts must be “street legal,” annually inspected by a certified mechanic and registered with The Village.  For your convenience a partial list of the Village rules are here.  For specific information, see the Ordinance  and be sure to download, complete, and turn in the Registration and Inspection Form.

I want to have a wedding or other function at the Beach. May I?

POPOA knows the Beach is an attractive venue for events. Unfortunately due to abuses in the past, the Beach is temporarily not available for organized functions.  If you are planning something, please contact us for a status update.  See the Beach Function Policy for details.


Does PAPOA monitor the water quality of our canals?

The Keys are part of a very sensitive environmental ecosystem and the water quality is very important to us. We routinely test the water in the canals. See the most recent letter from the Chair of the Water Quality Committee here.

How can I find my Lot Number?

Your lot number that we use can be found on all correspondence you receive from the Association and is the same one that is on the legal description in your deed filed with the Monroe County Clerk of the Court. The Monroe County Property Appraiser and the Tax Collector also list your lot number on their websites. Or you can check out the plat of Port Antigua.


FAQ Section 1

Rules & Enforcement

Who do I call about laws or rules violations?

For emergencies, call 911. If you suspect a law is being violated, call the Monroe County Sheriff’s dispatch number 305-853-3211, and a deputy will be sent out.

If you see building or other activity for which you suspect a required Village permit has not been obtained, call Village Code Compliance at 305-664-6434. You may also send in a Code Compliance Form which is available on the Village website.

For suspected violations of the PAPOA Rules, mail a letter to the Board of Directors at: PAPOA, PO Box 1049, Islamorada, FL 33036.  Please include the nature of the violation, the address, and your contact info so we can get back to you with any questions or if we need clarification.


My neighbor is tossing fish carcasses in the canal. What can I do?

Say something to them about it. It degrades the water quality and the carcasses float after a few days and are quite smelly. While throwing debris in the canals is against PAPOA rules  (Rule #6), Village Ordinances (Chapter 24, Section. 24-2) prohibits the disposal of refuse, of which carcasses are, in the waters of Islamorada. So, if they persist in tossing things in the canal, call the Sheriff’s Office at 305-853-3211.


Neighbors are having a loud party. What can I do?

If it is happening between 11pm and 7am, it is against PAPOA rules (Rule #1) so say something to them about it.  Village Ordinances (Chapter 18, Section. 18-63) prohibits noise disturbances within the Village. So, if they continue to cause a disturbance, call the Sheriff’s Office at 305-853-3211.


What is the Waste Pick-up Schedule and what do I need to know?
  • Household Garbage is collected Tuesday and Friday
  • Yard Waste is collected on Friday
  • Recycle is collected on Friday
  • Don’t put cans out until the day before scheduled pick up
  • Get the cans off the street they day they are emptied
  • Be sure the correct refuse is put in the correct can – if not, it won’t be picked up.
  • Except for yard waste that may be bundled, be sure trash is in the cans – bags put next to the cans will not be picked up.

Please follow The Village guidelines for placement and removal of carts and cans from the curb.  This helps to cut down unnecessary stops picking up empty carts/cans, extends the life of the carts/cans and helps to make Port Antigua look neat, orderly and safer.

Islamorada Village Code, Chapter 46, Sec. 40 states that these carts/cans are to be put out by 7:00 AM on the scheduled pick up day but no earlier than the day before the pick-up.  The containers must be removed from the roadside by 8:00 PM on the collection day.

More information and scheduled days of pick-up can be found here.

Compliance is checked by The Village doing when they do “sweeps.” More information can be found on The Village website under Code Compliance. Advanced Disposal can give you more information. Call 305-853-3433.


I’m only here on the weekends and can’t comply with Village garbage can rules. What can I do?

Your neighbors may be able to help. Ask them. There are also services that will handle the chore for you. Some of the locally based yard waste companies also will ensure you don’t get fined.


What are the rules for golf carts in Port Antigua?

Golf Carts are allowed by the Village to operate within the confines of Port Antigua.  They must be permitted by the Village and driven by a licensed person.  Click here for a summary of the rules.  To see the Village Ordinance, click here and for a copy of the permit application, here.

What to do if I see a sinking boat at a Port Antigua dock?

Sinking boats are heartily discouraged in the Port Antigua canals.  Should you see a vessel low in the water, and there is no one around, give SeaTow or TowBoatUS a call.  They are familiar with salvage ops and can safely dewater vessels.

The Association used to have three  submersible pumps available to our residents.  Due to liability concerns, the Board decided that the preferred solution was to involve one of the vendors listed above.

FAQ Section 1

Maintenance Issues

Some of the trees and shrubs on the Common Property need trimming. May I do it, or pay to have it done?

The landscaping at the beach is especially important to control erosion. Our Maintenance Contractor is well familiar with the need for this landscaping and will try to work with property owners to accommodate their concerns. Our Rules (#15) are very specific about landscaping work on all of the Common areas which includes the beach as well as the cul-de-sacs. If you feel that anything needs to be done with the landscaping, please contact the Association Manager at info@portantigua.net or call 305-664-8229 so we can bring it to the attention of the Maintenance Chair and the Landscaping contractor.


Iguanas are overrunning my lot. Can the Association control this?

Iguana control is the responsibility of the lot owner. Iguanas are a problem throughout South Florida.  Since this problem is bigger than just PAPOA, we suggest you make your concerns known to local government officials. 


I have a vacant lot in Port Antigua. Will the Association mow it ?

The Association contracts to have vacant lots mowed.  Lot owners can opt in to this service for a fee, billed annually at the same time the annual assessments are due. See the Fee Schedule for the current price of this service. If you are interested, send us an email or call (305) 664-8229 and leave a message.


FAQ Section 1

Construction, Additions & Remodeling

I am considering building in Port Antigua. What do I need to do?

Any construction in the neighborhood needs to be cleared with the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) and approved by the Board of Directors. The governing documents for building can be found under the “Building and Architectural Control” Heading on this page which has links to our Covenants and Restrictions. To make it as easy as possible for our members, the ACC has developed a set of guidelines which can be found in a document called Approvals Required as well as a Checklist. All structures must have the appropriate permits from the Village, a copy of which should be provided to the Association.


I would like to renovate my house. What do I need to do?

Any construction in the neighborhood needs to be cleared with the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) and approved by the Board of Directors. Specific guidance can be found under the “Building and Architectural Control” Heading on this page which has links to our Covenants and Restrictions. To make it as easy as possible for our members, the ACC has developed a set of guidelines which can be found here. You may also find the Building Checklist helpful. All structures must have the appropriate permits from the Village, a copy of which should be provided to the Association.


Does my planned boat lift, Tiki, shed, cargo lift or fence need to be approved/reviewed by the Association?

Yes, email info@portantigua.net with your plans and the Architectural Committee will respond to you. See the Approvals Required for the details. All structures must have the appropriate permits from the Village, a copy of which should be provided to the Association.


FAQ Section 1