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Learn How a FKNMS Plan May Affect YOU

The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary (FKNMS) is having a meeting on October 9th to tell you about their plans for the Keys.  This may impact how you use the waters surrounding our neighborhood.

In government-speak, “NOAA proposes to: (1) expand the boundary of FKNMS, (2) update sanctuary-wide regulations, (3) modify existing and create new marine zones, (4) update associated marine zone-specific regulations, and (5) revise the sanctuary management plan.”

At the meeting which will be held at the Keys Marine Lab on Long Key, FKNMS representatives will be explaining their plan.  For more information on the plan and to see a copy, visit the NOAA website.  To find out more about the October 9th meeting, see the flyer that Mari emailed everyone.

“One man’s trash is
     another man’s treasure…”

But nobody (okay, almost nobody) likes to see all these “treasures” left on the curb for more than a couple of days!  The amount of rubbish on the side of the street has grown over the past few months, creating  eyesores and potential road hazards.  While we understand the need to get rid of stuff and have put items on the street ourselves, remember, Advanced Disposal will not pick it up unless they are called – and even then they have five days to pick it up.  Please, call Advanced (305-853-3433) sooner rather than later.  There is no fee for household items like appliances, furniture, even rolled carpeting.  Fees do apply for construction debris, automotive debris and bulk vegetative waste.

Not a Washout for Labor Day

The Labor Day Weekend was overshadowed by hurricane Dorian which kept owners busy preparing for the worst case scenario. However, once news that the Florida Keys were out of danger, many owners decided to follow their original plans to spend Labor Day Weekend in Port Antigua, more so with school cancelled in Miami-Dade County on Tuesday.

The MCSO made it possible for residents to have a safe and enjoyable time at the beach. There were no incidents reported. Fiesta Key remained closed so most of the boaters anchored off the beach were either from Port Antigua or White Marlin. The weather declined on Monday making boating and the beach undesirable. MCSO’s Deputies weren’t scheduled to work off duty on Monday. However, they did show up on duty to find the beach empty because of the weather condition.
Oscar Callejas

Saturday – Boats at the Beach

…  Sunday at the Beach      vs      Monday at the Beach…

         Keeping a Watchful Eye

Residents Prepare for Dorian


Thank you for taking pride in your property and community by getting ready for the big one!  A drive though the area showed that residents and contractors were taking the threat from Dorian seriously.  Cans were off the street (for the most part), contractors had tied down equipment and covered dumpsters, and some residents had started securing their boats by tying them to their lifts or putting them on their trailers.  All of this reduces the damage that can be caused by the high winds and reduces the storm debris.

Recent Board Actions

At its August meeting, the PAPOA Board temporarily suspended the existing Beach Function Policy and adopted a new Key Card Replacement Policy.

Due to some recent incidents, the Board determined that the existing policy covering private functions at the PAPOA Beach was inadequate.  Therefore, the Board voted to suspend the policy while a new one was being developed.  If you are planning a function, please contact us to check on the status of the policy update.  If you have comments on what you think a new policy should or should not include, your input is more than welcome.  Please send an email.

Documentation from the surveillance cameras and key card data base substantiate that some Port Antigua residents are either loaning or selling proprietary Port Antigua key cards allowing access to the common areas to non-property owners. This intentional misuse of the key cards is a violation of the community documents which restrict the use of the common areas to property owners. Additionally, use of the common areas by additional numbers of unauthorized individuals increases the maintenance costs for all property owners.  The Fee Schedule, the Key Card Replacement Form and the Key Card Policy are available on this website.

Finally the Board would like to remind everyone that the front setback requirements outlined in the covenants include canopies/awnings and any other structure between the dripline of the home and the street.  If in doubt, please send us an email.

Non-Residents Enjoying Your Ramp

New Requirements for Stone Crab Harvesting

Esther Merida pointed out that there is a new requirement for the recreational harvest of stone crab claws.  Beginning with the 2019-2020 season, you must go online and register with FWC.  Your registration number and full name/address must be on the traps.  The registration costs nothing – for now.  For more information, see the FWC website.

Thanks for letting us know, Esther!

Security Report

Oscar has  the numbers from  Sheriff Enforcement activities on the Memorial Day weekend.  As expected, the increase in patrols did increase the number of violations.  (See the table below.)

We ask all residents to video incidents and not get into a confrontation with trespassers or any others who are involved with annoying incidents. If you see something, nicely say something, and/or contact the Sheriff. Do not take matters into your own hands (even if your in a group). Keeping the peace and enforcing the law is why we have the MCSO for holiday weekends.

Violations On Memorial Day Weekend.
14 Beach Property Trespassers,
19 Boat trespassers.
Boat Stops: 18
Boat Citations: 10
Arrest: 1 Reckless boating
Traffic Stops: 20
Golf Cart Stops (Juveniles) 10

Violations On Fourth of July Week
Boat stops: 6
Boat Citations: 3
Boat Warnings: 3
Medical Emergencies: 2
Vehicle Tows: 2
Fireworks shut down: 2
Altercations: 2

Please join us in keeping Port Antigua a safe place for our families and visitors!




Two Tiki’s Replaced

Your assessment money at work!  Our Maintenance Committee has recently completed the replacement of two of the Tiki Huts on the beach.  The structures were deemed too far gone for cost effective repair.  Look for the new Tiki’s on the northeast end of the Beach.

Other Tiki’s will be re-thatched as funds permit.

One of the Two New Tiki’s

Sheriff Deputies Make a Difference!

The Memorial Day Weekend saw enhanced law enforcement in Port Antigua to prevent trespassing violations, traffic regulation infractions, and unruly behavior.

While the focus was on safety, the Deputies were mindful of the desires of the residents to enjoy themselves but not at the expense of their neighbors and fellow Association Members.

Unfortunately, there were several arrests (not Association Members), summons issued and more than one trespasser escorted off the property.

On Friday, a group of juveniles was seen passing a picnic table over the beach fence on one of the adjacent vacant lots.  When the Deputies confronted them, they admitted to not being residents and said they were from Key Largo.  They were escorted off the beach and advised not to return.


Sgt Johnson Watches for Trespassers

Trespassers lift a table over the fence

In another incident after a Member opened the gate, she stopped a young adult from entering the Beach.  The would be intruder angrily stated that they had “lived here my whole life….”  But they could not even provide a local address!

Security Cameras

The new security cameras are now operational.  Instructions on viewing them are posted on the “Member’s Page“.